With their distinctive design, Triobike are very easy to spot thanks to their modern lines and endless colour combinations.

The brand has a full range of models from two to three wheelers, for one to four children and cargo. They also have a Taxi model. This design, pioneered by Christiania bikes, allow adult passengers to sit at the front. Triobike collaborate with the global scheme Cycling Without Age which aims at reconnecting elderly people with their environment through cycling. Volunteers offer rides to care-home residents which is also an opportunity to foster inter generational friendships.

Triobike is located in Copenhagen, a city where family cycling and cargo bikes are wide spread and cycling is a mode of transport in its own right.  The philosophy behind Triobike is that cycling provides an opportunity to see the world differently. Just like with cycling in general, there is great importance placed of a sense of freedom and self reliance. Not to mention all the fun to be had while out and about.

Triobike make their mission to constantly listen to their customers and work on design is ongoing. Whether to make the components lighter or adapting the style of their accessories. Their curiosity has led them to create Triolab, which is a space to exchange ideas and discuss innovations further.

The current full range consists of the following models, all of which are available with or without e-assist.

The Mono

Triobike Mono | CycleFox

A cargo trike suitable for up to two children. You can personalise your own Triobike mono cargobike with a colour palette of up to 648 combinations. The round shape of the pod is the hallmark of Triobike design.

The Boxter

Triobike Boxter | CycleFox

Fitted with a large ‘pod’ at the front, you can configure it with one or two benches that can sit up to four children. The cargo trike comes with a hood that can be folded away on sunny days. Plenty of colours to choose from and make it your own.

The Cargo and Cargo Big

Triobike Cargo | CycleFox

Triobike Cargo models are two wheelers and adorn the most sporty look and sitting position of the range. They can be fitted with a seat to sit up to two children as well as with a box for deliveries. Cargo models offer versatility in terms of configuration so you can tailored it to your needs. The CargoBig is 30% longer and enables carrying heavier and bulkier loads.

The Taxi

Triobike | CycleFox

This model is specifically aimed at cycling with elderly passengers. Dubbed ‘couch on wheels’, the seating offers a comfortable ride thanks to the upholstery made by a top Scandinavian designer. Passengers can enjoy the ride, take in their surroundings in a relaxed sitting position.

Check out the Triobike website to find your nearest dealer.

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