Swapping his school uniform for a Head of Public Relations’ hat, Felix Craig-McFeely, shares his thoughts on being a young entrepreneur and member of SureLight team.

What’s the best idea you’ve had on your bike?

Cars have brake lights, so why don’t bikes?

Tell us about what your business?

SureLight is a smart brake light for bicycles. Integrated smart sensors detect your deceleration to turn on 16 ultra-bright LEDs. This mimics a car’s brake light and so is immediately understood by motorists and pedestrians to indicate braking. SureLight is an effective, all-in-one, wireless solution. It has been designed, developed and manufactured in-house.

Why do you do this?

I commute to school every day on my bike and have been knocked off countless times. So far, bruises and embarrassment have been the extent of the damage but the threat of a fatal accident still hangs over me. From personal experience, I know the effect that a serious life-changing bicycle accident can have on friends and family. We have worked constantly to come up with a smart and effective solution to mitigate the risks.

We have worked to innovate and develop SureLight because the perfect product demanded a new and rigorous approach. We have developed 32 prototypes and models to achieve this and to finally produce an excellent product, that we are proud of and feel comfortable with on the road.

SureLight’s mission is to decrease the risks to cyclists on the roads, specifically those who are hit at the rear by a car. We aim to restore confidence to all types of cyclist: commuters, recreational cyclists and above all former cyclists who have been worried with regards to their safety on the roads. We want to provide a solution to bring about real change to cyclist safety. Our goal is for every cyclist in the UK to use SureLight.

How long has this business been running for?

Since September 2017

What bit of advice would you give to your younger self?

Always wear your helmet 😉 Prepare for a difficult journey but enjoy the process. The end goal of success is seeing the great social change in the world around us, which is incredibly rewarding and humbling. Always aim high, but focus on the present, the daily milestones that need achieving, and never dismiss reaching small goals set. Starting a business is hard but if you can keep moving forward and be adaptable despite the setbacks, then you will achieve your goals.

What’s the best way people can connect with you?

By email | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website


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