Do you need secure cycle parking in London?

Cyclehoop want Cyclefox members and followers to suggest new locations for Bikehangars in London. The more people from an area who add their names, the stronger the case is for getting a Bikehangar installed.

Tell us here where on your street you’d like a Bikehangar to be installed:

What Next?

  1. Your suggested locations can then be shared with councils to evidence the demand for secure cycle parking and determine key locations for Bikehangars
  2. Share this link with your friends and neighbours so they can suggest a location for cycle parking too

Useful Facts

  1. A Bikehangar stores six bikes within the space of half of a car parking bay
  2. Most Bikehangars are purchased by councils, who subcontract the customer service (waiting lists & lettings) to Cyclehoop
  3. The annual charge to rent a bike parking space in a council owned Bikehangar is £72 (or less, if council subsidised)
  4. A single Bikehangar costs at £3,250 + VAT and can be purchased by housing associations or individual residents for use on private property
  5. The Bikehangar is designed to be unobtrusive, it is smaller than a mini cooper car & can be produced in custom colours

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