In trying to resolve the dilemma posed by the fact that clothes worn on the way to work are not necessarily the clothes one wants to be seen in at a work meeting or down the pub, Crispin Moller started to look for better solutions. The result? Samvær, a brand new clothing brand which combines traditional styles with modern textile technology.

What’s the best idea you’ve had on your bike?

To create a clothing brand that is designed to work off the bike as much as on it.

Tell us about what your business does?

Samvær creates premium clothing that blends the traditional with the technical, stylish with the practical. We use UK fabric weavers and UK manufacturers to provide great quality in a sustainable way. We then had cleverly designed cycle focused features such as Hi-Viz and a NanoSphere treatment. What’s that? Well it’s a cleaver treatment of the fabric which means it’s water resistant without changing the look and more importantly, the feel of the fabric. Giving you technical qualities a rider needs but without Nylon or Neon in sight. Somehow I managed to rope in a good friend of mine, Lucy, who is a garment technologist (among many other skills and roles) who has been the brains behind the fit and technical development of our garments. Bringing together all the elements in every garment.

Why do you do this?

The whole idea came about because cycling to work in London left me feeling frustrated that I had to pack a bag for every situation, mostly because I couldn’t practically wear a suit jacket on my bike to work. It always seemed that I had to pick function over fashion. With the amazing array of technical fabrics available these days it seemed odd that this was the case. This lead me to design a jacket that worked on the bike but didn’t look like a cycle jacket when attending a meeting or going for a post work pint.

How long has this business been running for?

January 2017

What bit of advice would you give to your younger self?

One piece of advice would be not to plan for the ideal situation but to plan for the worst – particularly with budgets. Always build in ‘wiggle room’

Anything else?

A lot of people have helped me get this idea off the ground, to them thank you so much for putting up with me talking about fabrics, seams and whatever else endlessly.

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