Ester from Ride With Wolves explains the story behind that innovative company that makes hand screen printed reflective & ethical clothing.

What’s the best idea you’ve had on your bike?

My best idea was to not give a shit about what anyone else does and enjoy my life as it is.

Tell us about what your business does?

Ride with Wolves is an independent business that specialises in reflective cycle friendly clothing. We hand screen-print innovative designs with 3M reflective ink on ethical products. We try to be as inclusive as we can be and offer only gender neutral products in a wide size and price range.

Why do you do this?

Coming from a punk DIY background I always tried to come up with solutions myself. So, when two friends and I where getting so fed up with the street harassment that we were experiencing whilst riding our bikes, we decided to take matters in our own hands. We found the reflective ink and started printing feminist prints on pieces of leftover fabrics ourselves. We wanted to reclaim the streets and also empower other women and members of the LGBTQ community to do the same. The brand has developed quite a lot, but that ethos can still be found in every product and action I take.

How long has this business been running for?

Since the end of the Summer ’16.

What bit of advice would you give to your younger self?

Be curious and take every opportunity you get. You might not like it, but you will always gain an experience. Also, don’t be shy, stand up for yourself and don’t take shit from anyone. You know best! (email me if anyone wants more motivational quotes. I got a whole bunch)

What’s the best way people can connect with you?
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