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When cycling in London it is worth being smart about where you cycle and using London’s major cycling routes to find your way across the city.

The Cycle Superhighways
The London Cycle Superhighway network are a great place to start when finding London’s major cycling routes. The Cycle Superhighway routes generally run through quiet residential streets, or are segregated cycle paths if in more busy areas. They also include thoughtfully designed junctions and traffic calming measures to make the route safe for all road users. Information about all the Cycle Superhighway routes is available on the Transport for London website. There are more Cycle Superhighway routes planned, and the existing network is constantly being updated. You can spot when you’re on a Cycle Superhighway by the sky blue signs and cycle path paint.

Parks and canals
Parks and canals also make up many of London’s major cycling routes. Regents Canal, that runs East to West just North of Central London, is incredibly popular with cyclists and pedestrians for a scenic way to move across the city (but be careful not to swerve and end up in the water)! Including Hyde Park, Regents Park, or any of London’s other numerous parks in a cycling route is also very popular among cyclists for making the ride more pleasant and cutting out the traffic of the streets. Check out if you can cut across your local park in your regular commute to work.

Finding your own way
There are many resources offline and online for finding London’s major cycling routes. If you prefer printed paper maps then order free cycle guides from the Transport for London website. There are fourteen of these fantastic guides available from Transport for London that cover London’s major cycling routes across the entire city. There are also some fantastic phone apps and websites for finding cycling routes – these include Sustrans, CityMapper, Strava Cycling and Google Maps.

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