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The Bike Club

The Bike Club offer pay monthly children’s bike that can be exchanged as they grow. They aim to make cycling more affordable, more attractive, and more sustainable.

It’s a fully flexible bike rental scheme and as a member of the Bike Club, you can choose to exchange, buyout or cancel anytime. Their service is all about access over ownership, so they take away the high initial cost of getting your family cycling and replace it with a monthly subscription just like your gym membership or phone bill.

As a country that is producing more waste each year, the Bike Club is reducing the amount of unwanted children’s bikes through using the sharing economy. Why buy a bike that your child is going to outgrow when you can exchange or return when it suits you.

The children’s bikes are super lightweight, making it much easier for the little ones to learn and enjoy cycling. The brands that they currently offer in children’s bikes include the renowned Frog Bikes and Cuda Performance. This year the Bike Club is opening it’s door to grown ups and launching an adult bikes range, accommodating for the everyday commuter to the high speed cyclist.

Families sign up with a one-off joining fee through the website and the monthly subscriptions are charged as a direct debit. Each bike has its own monthly price and you can even choose to rent from their range of second hand bikes for a lower monthly price.

More affordable than buying. More flexible than finance. And better for the environment too.


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