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SureLight was born out of a collaborative effort by students from St Paul’s School in South West London. Unlike so many of their peers, these students, awesomely cycle to school. And in spite a few scary encounters on the road, they kept at it. Not only that, but they went on to design and bring to the market a brake light. SureLight’s brake light is an innovative product that does exactly what the name suggests.

These young entrepreneurs embarked on a journey paved with a rigorous approach and determination to the task ahead as they perfected their product. SureLight came to life after 32 prototypes and many trials. Today’s model is water resistant, long lasting and USB rechargeable. The packaging is made from recycled material whilst the case is made from biodegradable plastic. SureLight can be attached on your helmet or seat post using a Cateye mount.

SureLight works with a software that uses custom algorithms detecting braking, coasting or accelerating. Thanks to the sensors, the light’s brightness changes depending on the bicycle movements, alerting road users behind. This is a critical issue for cyclist confidence, since in 25% of fatal crashes involving a bicycle and a car, the driver hit the rear of the bicycle. SureLight solves this by simply mimicking a car brake light, so is immediately understood by motorists.

We caught up with Felix Craig-McFeely, Head of Public Relations at SureLight. Find out more about why they do what they do, read his story.

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