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Shutt Velo Rapide

Cycling can take many forms, some hop on the saddle to go to work or down the shops, others love the speed and camaraderie that group rides provide. Whichever relationship we have with our bicycle, we all have in common a desire to feel comfortable in the clothes we wear whilst cycling.

Shutt Velo Rapide have a simple approach: high quality cycling clothes, optimised for performance. The cycling garments use modern fabrics and clever technology whilst staying faithful to the core values of craftsmanship.

The range, which is available online, consists of jerseys, bibs, jackets and baselayers for both men and women. Shutt Velo Rapide also have a range of accessories including, socks, caps and gloves. Another big part of their business is cycling kit custom design. This service is free so if you have a team out there, it’s worth getting in touch to see your idea coming to life. The same quality will be applied but unlike the retail range, this line is manufactured in Italy.

We caught up with Justin Belcher of Shutt Velo Rapide. Find out more about why he does what he does, read his story.

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