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Ride With Wolves

Looking for reflective wear can sometimes be a bit depressing as the vast majority sticks to the loud and tedious hi-viz. London-based Ride With Loves came up with an innovative way to make your clothes stand out when caught in the beam of headlights.

Their hand screen printed design using reflective ink is a very creative way to apply patterns to a wide range of clothing. Ride With Wolves can apply their technique to back patch suitable for denim jackets or create an entirely new item such as a vest, t-shirt or beanie. These enable people to keep their style with clothes that fit their lives.

Ride With Wolves is also a philosophy that places great importance on their ethical approach and endeavour to have a business as sustainable as possible. Their products are gender neutral, body positive, empowering people to be whoever they want to be, especially women.

People riding bicycles are often seen as a group of people moving as one. More often than not, in a pejorative way. Ride With Wolves however embrace the notion and turned it into something to celebrate by suggesting a sense of belonging and safety in numbers, similar to a pack. Every ride becomes a statement and something to be proud of.

We had a chat with Ester of Ride With Wolves to find out more about why they do what they do, read her story.

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