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Protected Species

Not wanting to let the rain cramps their style, Protected Species are all about elegant garments for modern women, suitable for our rainy cities.

Anne and Rebecca, the founders of Protected Species, joined force in 2014 and came up with the concept. A parka that combines a classic design with the latest waterproof outerwear fabric. The idea was to engineer a piece of clothing that could be worn anywhere, at anytime, whatever the weather. Despite their apparent simplicity, a lot of attention to details has gone into these jackets; the concealed hood, the absence of noisy rustle and the softness to the touch of the fabric.

The result is a collection of jackets including a timeless Mac design and sleek Parka, as well as a waist-length jacket. Whatever your day, there is a design to suit your life. Protected Species work closely with waterproof experts in their field. They use a technology based on a stretch laminate waterproof fabric. This modern take on an old classic also consists of the use of a zero-carbon content water resistant coating. The Indy Best, one of Protected Species’ jackets, was recently featured in the Independent as the best women’s cycling jacket for commuting in.

We caught up with Anne Muir of Protected Species. Find out more about why she does what she does, read her story.

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