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Pedals Delivery

Pedals Delivery is a brand new on demand, same day delivery service operating in London. Their emphasis is on personal interaction and carefully hand-delivered packages by friendly cycling couriers.

Delivering stuff by bicycle is obviously not new but the simplicity to do so is. Thanks to a user friendly web form, the whole process is greatly facilitated. Head over to the Pedals Delivery website and simply key in your pick up and drop off points, the time frame desired and a quote is immediately produced. The interface is very intuitive and the list of items listed to illustrate a package’s weight and size is quite helpful. Customers are also prompted to provide further information if necessary, so the courier can provide a truly personal service .

Organising a delivery with Pedals Delivery only takes a few seconds, and you have the added satisfaction to immediately see how much CO2 emissions you’ve saved!

We chatted with Richa of Pedals Delivery to find out more about why they do what they do, read her story.

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