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Pedal Me

London is leading the way, showing the future of sustainable mobility in the taxi sector thanks to Pedal Me. As the capital continues to deal with congestion and pollution, Pedal Me bypass both these issues by providing a fun and fast way to go places. Following on the phenomenal success of app-based firms, Pedal Me provide an on-demand pedal powered service in central London.

Once you’ve downloaded the Pedal Me app, you can select a pick up and drop off locations, adding a time should you wish to pre-book a trip. The current fleet is made out of Urban Arrows, a fantastic cargo bike model from the Netherlands. You can sit a couple of adults or up to four children, and still have space for bags and small luggage. Blankets and anti-storm umbrellas are provided should the weather requires it, although apparently, London is one of the driest parts of the UK!

Pricing is clearly explained on the website and Pedal Me fared favourably when compared with other app-based taxi services, especially in terms of time to reach your destination.  They operate six days a week, within a 4 miles radius from central London. For further afield or outside working hours, contact them directly, and if available, they will be happy to help.

So, next time you need a lift somewhere, whether getting home after an evening out, going to train station with a suitcase or for the school run, think of the Pedal Me app turn your trip into a fun adventure!

We had a chat with Ben of Pedal Me to find out more about why they do what they do, read his story.


Opening Hours

Monday 8am-8pm
Tuesday 8am-8pm
Wednesday 8am-8pm
Thursday 8am-8pm
Friday 8am-12pm
Saturday 12am-12pm
Sunday on request

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