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Finding a comfortable and durable pair of jeans to cycle in, is sometimes a challenge. We’ve all been there: you end up getting stains from the chain, the fabric thinners at the crotch before completely giving away. All in all, not very pleasant.

After experiencing this too, Shawn Drayton got to work and came up with Osloh jeans. He meticulously thought through the designs with cycling in mind. The result is a versatile, purposeful and durable range of jeans. The Norwegian town Osloh was the inspiration for the name of the business. A place where people consider cycling as a mode of transportation and therefore, cycle in their everyday clothes.

Osloh jeans are all about attention to details and such high standards require no less than 40 manufacturing processes! As a result, the jeans are packed with riders friendly features such as secured yet easy accessible back pockets, built-in padded crotch area, stretchy and coated fabric and a strap that lets you protect the area near the chain. These features are carefully integrated in the design so when you arrive at destination, you don’t look like you’ve just cycled the Tour de France.

The company started in the United States about ten years ago and they are now launching in the United Kingdom. The range consists of jeans for men and women as well as shorts.

We caught up with Shawn Drayton, designer and founder of Osloh. Find out more about why he does what he does, read his story.

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