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That is a known fact for parents that children will need a fair amount of bicycles before settling up on one that would last a while. When faced with a similar predicament, the people behind OMA Bikes came up with the idea of a platform to sold good quality second hand children bicycles on to other families.

The idea grew into something bigger and soon OMA Bikes found themselves with a collection of bicycles, suitable to various age groups. Recycling bicycles is a great way to offer good quality bike models at an affordable price. OMA Bikes then started training in bicycle maintenance in order to carry out themselves the necessary repairs and services their used bicycles required.

The future looks bright for OMA Bikes as they are planning on launching a mobile repair and service for local children’s bikes. Jobs covered will include simple servicing and guidance on how to deal with common bicycles issues such as puncture. They will also advise children and families on how to look after their bikes so everybody will be able to keep on riding.

We had a chat with Casey of OMA Bikes  to find out more about why they do what they do, read his story.


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