Litelok the Bike Lock

Litelok is a successfully funded Kickstarter Campaign. The people behind the idea have grown the concept into an award winning product. They set out to resolve the issue with a standard bike lock, namely that while bikes are getting lighter and lighter, secure locks are getting increasingly heavy.

So who are the brains behind Litelok?

Neil Barron, an industrial design graduate from the Royal College of Art, London first founded a design and innovation consultancy, and through it has worked with a number of diverse clients on the design and development of award winning products for international markets.

As well as this creative talent, Neil is an avid cyclist. After having a number of bikes stolen on the streets of London ahis passion for cycling and his professional skills combined and the idea of this unique bike lock was born.

Will Riley, is a marketer that Neil met at Southampton University many years before. And together they have worked to develop and commercialise the Litelok® lightweight bike lock idea.

And what are the locks like?

Litelok® meets all British and International lock quality standards and has achieved Sold Secure Bicycle Gold, the best bike security rating awarded by the independent testing and certification house.

Litelok® weighs less than 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs) and unlike D locks, the strap is flexible and easy to secure around fixed objects. Litelok® also has a patented inline lock, which has been developed with a well-known UK manufacturer, which snaps securely shut without the need for a key.

Where can you buy one?

At the moment you can buy one – or as many as you like – by visiting the product page on the website.


Opening Hours

All Day 24/7


UK Delivery, 1-2 Locks: £5

UK Delivery, 3-4 Locks: £10

UK Delivery, 5+ Locks: Free!

International Delivery, 1-2 Locks: £15

International Delivery, 3-4 Locks: £30

International Delivery, 5+ Locks: Free!


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