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Are you looking for a helmet that is stylish, lightweight, comfortable and easily fits into your bag once at destination? Look no further as LID Helmet have the answer. The Plico helmet is the first product hitting the market, by the newly launched company.

Cycling is becoming increasingly popular and urban commuters are always on the look out for products that fit in rather than become an additional burden. Plico is the result of years of development by Sam Terry, a London cycling commuter and founder of LID Helmet.

The unique feature of Plico is its ability to fold back into a helmet half the size. Once at destination, it can easily be kept in a bag or stored away. Made with recycled expanded polystyrene, Plico helmets offer high shock absorption proprieties. Sustainability runs through LID Helmets’ approach and they are fully embracing any movements that seek a healthier lifestyle away from pollution and sedentary lifestyles.

The helmet comes in a range of bright colours, and its clean lines will complement any riders’ attire. Comfort is ensured thanks to 4 notch system which moulds to individual head shapes whilst the padded straps provide a soft touch on the skin. The airflow is channelled through the multi piece design to prevent overheating when riding.


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