Free liability insurance

at Laka with a Cyclefox Membership.


The insurance model is broken and Laka have fixed it. The new kid on the block is on a mission to shake the insurance world up! Laka are the insurer of the 21st century, and being different is a key part of their DNA. From the way they operate to how they view the very relation between a customer and the service they provide.

Laka wanted a fundamental change and putting the customer first. They know that cycling insurance is serious and complex. So they made it simple and transparent. This end the process of making only to find out that not all is what it seemed.

In practical terms, this means, information over a policy by Laka is concise and straight to the point. You pay a monthly fee which goes towards a shared pot of claims made out of people like you. Laka acknowledge the different risk between a racer and a poottler. So, no claims means your shares is zero. The cost of your insurance will vary every month depending on the risks shared between a community of people cycling the way you do.

If you do make a claim, all the information needed can be uploaded via the app, making the process quick and easy, with one aim in mind: get back what has been lost and fix it. Laka only get paid when the problem is resolved. This is quite revolutionary in the insurance world!


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