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An innovative product from Nottingham-based start up Kitnetik. Like many good ideas, it all began with a problem to solve. Kitnetik, a husband and wife team are passionate about the outdoors, whether it’s running, cycling or walking. Whether it’s freshly washed, rain or sweat soaked; sports kit needs drying out. How do you dry shoes and kit neatly, save time and make tidying it all away quick and easy?  The answer is a magnetic system that quickly mounts to radiators.

Kitnetik can keep all your gear from shoes to gloves on a robust aluminium framework that magnetically mounts to the radiator, keeping it all together. No more messy house, no more looking for lost kit. Less time and less effort required. Once the clothes are dried, the Kitnetik and all the kit can be picked up as one and stored away in a wardrobe in seconds.

The Kitnetik Magnetic System is useful piece of kit for home or work, whether you got sweaty, or got rained on during the morning commute, treat yourself to some dry kit!


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