Katies Recycled Bike Jewellery

Katies recycled bike jewellery is an awesome collection of jewellery made from recycled bike parts. So what is it? In short – bike chain bling. Bespoke jewellery made from used bike chains, designed for cyclists and re-cyclists of all ages. Katie is very selective about what chains she uses for each product and how links are arranged. A lot of the designs are done in such a way that you may not even notice they’re bike chains. For keen cyclists, there are specially selected branded chains as well.

How is it made and what is it made of?

Every piece of Katie’s recycled bike jewellery is made by hand, by Katie herself.

She completes the whole process from Chain collecting and cleaning to product design and making, photography, web design, accounts, social media, selling…

Katie mostly uses up-cycled bike chains collected from local shops. She uses 10 different workshops in London to ‘mine’ all her chains. They then go through an intense sorting and cleaning process. They are cleaned 2-3 times using a Smartwasher and then delinked using a chain tool. By the end of of the process they are ready to be made into the final products. Any chains that didn’t make the cut go to the local scrap metal yard.

Katie also spends the time colouring some of the links using acrylic spray paint. This allows her to use the more worn down chains and still create beautiful pieces.

How can I can buy it?

The items are sold online, in local craft and farmers markets, and with a growing number of lovely gift shops and bike shops. If you’re interested in wholesale you can find the contact details below.

Katie loves the bike shops that give her their chains and then sell the products. She takes their unwanted waste and turns it into a profitable product for them. Everyone is a winner.

Opening Hours

Every day 24/7

All orders are sent within 1-3 business days.
UK orders are posted RM 2nd class signed for.
International orders are sent 1st class tracked and/or signed for.


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