What is ideas on a bike?

The best ideas don’t happen in the boardroom. That’s why we deliver thinking events with a difference.  We’ll take you out of the office, into an environment where you’ll be free to generate creative ideas, helping you address challenges or kick-start new opportunities. Perfect for your team, your clients, or start-ups. Our Ideas on a Bike events are held at locations across London.

How does it work?

We gather together.  We switch our digital devices off.  We get on bicycles.  We experience parts of London that you’ve probably never seen before.  And along the way, we share ideas on the opportunities and challenges that we’re facing in our daily work.

After meeting and getting organised, we set off on our bicycles and start to explore.  Our routes are almost exclusively off road with just a few quiet streets, and we travel at a very gentle pace.

Along the route we have a number of great spots where we stop for talks. Between each of these breakouts, the journey to the next stop provides space to think and discuss ideas in smaller groups.

Whether you’re working solo or operating in an established team, taking some time out can provide inspiration and generate new perspectives.

Events for cycling related projects

We run a series of events that are FREE to attend for those who are working in cycling related projects across London. It doesn’t matter if your projects are for profit, are a social enterprise or even just a start-up idea in the concept phase. Our next FREE event will take place on Thursday 21st July 2016.

What next?

If you’d like to arrange an Ideas on a Bike event for your team, business or clients, visit our Ideas on a Bike website to find out more information: www.ideasonabike.com

If you’d like to apply to attend one of our FREE events for people working on cycling projects in London, complete the form below. Places are limited at each event but we’ll respond to everyone who applies. If we can’t squeeze you in on the next event (Thursday 21st July), we’ll add you to our list and contact you when future dates are available.

Ideas On A Bike

Ideas On A Bike


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