Hill and Ellis Bike Bags

Designed in London by cyclists who understand the ride as much as you, the range includes features like reversible reflective tabs for better night-time visibility, waterproof rain jackets for protection against the great British weather, and hidden patented pannier clips so the bags attach securely and seamlessly to the bike.

Where are the bags made?

At Hill and Ellis, they have two collections of bags. They stand by the name of the British Made collection and ensure that every part of the bags under that name are produced at a workshop in Hackney, East London.

The second collection is made by highly skilled manufacturers based in India. The same factories also make bags for Whistles and Next. The founders have visited the workshop and have ensured that the working conditions are of a good standard and that all workers are paid above minimum wages. They will continue to plan visits to make sure that those standards do not slip.

Are the bags waterproof? How do they attach to the bike?

The leathers used for the bags have been carefully chosen for their water-repellent quality and durability. Although the material does stand up pretty well to the great British weather, all the bags come with a waterproof cover.

The bike bags have all been designed to seamlessly attach to the bike with hidden pannier clips. The designers at Hill and Ellis searched for the right pannier clips to offer security and strength but that are also adaptable to any pannier rack.

How to buy

You can either buy the bags on their own website or at one of their many stockists across the UK. Contact Hill and Ellis to find out where your closest stockist is. It is also useful to know that they ship internationally, just order online and select the right delivery option for you.

Opening Hours

Online Everyday 24/7

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