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Goodordering was founded in 2012 by Jacqui Ma, and runs out of a flat above a bike shop in Hackney, East London. They provide a capsule range of bags that are inspired by Japanese school bags, the late 70s, 80s retro travel bags, Scandinavia, block colours and Velcro! Jacqui is a keen commuter cyclist, and her bags and accessories are water-resistant, hard-wearing and versatile.

The Goodordering brand believes that life should be colourful and fun, and draws on the nostalgia and carefree days of a child in the 80s. Practical in design, but also playful and friendly, these guys believe that having adventurous spirit does not necessarily mean trekking up a mountain, but that sometimes life’s biggest adventures are just around the corner. Goodordering appreciate great design and practicality, and carry products with a wide range of colours, multi-functional design and affordable price.

Surprised by the lack of fashionable bags for the commuter cyclist, Jacqui set out to design a capsule collection of bags that would withstand ever-changing fashion trends, but also offer something more exciting than what was out there. The range is inspired by Japanese school bags and airline bags from the 70s and 80s, with clean outlines embodying a retro sports vibe.

Goodordering stock many bicycle bags and accessories including panniers, handlebar bags, backpacks, saddle bags, messenger bags and market shopper bags – check out the full range on their website!

We chatted with Jacqui to find out more about why she does what she does, read her story.

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