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With all the talk around how well kitted you are when out and about on your bike, it was refreshing to come across Glow and their knitwear. Here is a range of products that are functional, practical and look rather good. And to top it up, there is an ethical approach to the whole initiative.

Glow’s range includes snoods, fingerless gloves and leg warmers. The clever bit is that the wool is intertwined with fibreglass yarn, making the whole garment discreetly yet efficiently reflective at night. Genius! The way both yarns are fused together results in the fibregrass being completely covered within therefore remaining soft and comfortable on the skin. The wool used is sourced from Europe, individually hand crocheted in the UK by vulnerable women who are offered the opportunity to gain work skills or to supplement their income. The result is a breathable and soft knitwear that would suit many from the fashion-conscious to the practical.

Designer and Glow founder Comet Chukura had the cyclist at night in mind when she first thought of the idea but this is by no mean limited to this use. Plenty of other reasons to justify wearing some reflective clothing at night although you wouldn’t need too much persuasion to wear one of her creations at any time, they look seriously good!

We chatted with Comet to find out more about why she does what she does, read her story.


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