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Freddie Grubb

As love for cycling continues to flourish in London, it was only a matter of time before the capital saw its very own bicycle artisan maker. Freddie Grubb opened in 2015 in Islington, prompted by the desire to craft beautiful bikes that don’t compromise on style, quality or comfort.

The inspiration behind the designs is very much anchored in classic city bike making but with a contemporary touch. High quality and attention to details are at the forefront of Freddie Grubb craftsmanship with hand-made frames, quality components and collaboration with local partners.

There is a lovely story behind the name: it refers to 20th century silver Olympic medallist cyclist Freddie Grubb, who was the first British cyclist to enter the Giro d’Italia in 1914. After his cycling career, he then turned to bicycle building. Some of the current models are a revered nod to the original Freddie Grubb’s own designs.

The Freddie Grubb’s current range consists of hand built made to order models, including the Fleet, Ravensbourne, Effra and Walbrook. You will have the opportunity to try before you buy as customers can test-ride various models in the pedestrianised court yard of Coal Drops Yard. If you are considering a bicycle as a gift to someone, do check the Freddie Grubb Gift Box. This consists of a brand new hand made bicycle, choice left to the recipient, a beautifully presented copper bell and an illustrated gift card.

Bicycles are not the only items you’ll find in the Freddie Grubb shop. They’re love for stylish design doesn’t stop with bicycles. They stock their own range of bicycle accessories and curated lifestyle items, from European designers such as Instrmnt, Closca and Palomar.

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Freddie Grubb


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