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Kristina and Harry spent a year in the Netherlands that really changed their approach to utility cycling. In places like Amsterdam, they saw first-hand how bikes can be so integrated into the fabric of people’s daily routines that they are no longer seen as an alternative way of getting around. Riding elegant upright bikes in all weathers and in ordinary clothes, alongside all the mamas and papas, the kids, and the grandparents – it was enough to make anyone fall in love with the Dutch approach to transport!


By choosing to specialise in only top-quality, low-maintenance Dutch bicycles, the Flying Dutchman sets itself apart from other retailers. Their down-to-earth, personal service stems from the fact that they are a small, family business, inspired by Amsterdam, and passionate about promoting the most efficient form of personal transportation on the planet: the humble bicycle.

Dutch Bikes

Dutch bikes are synonymous with an upright, comfortable and casual riding style, as well as with the low-maintenance simplicity that gives them tremendous utilitarian appeal. All of the Flying Dutchman’s bikes are carefully hand-selected for their excellent design, and for the uncompromising quality of their components. Their stock is based on their acquaintance with Dutch bicycle brands, and it reflects what they see as the best possible range in terms of utility, aesthetic appeal, and value for money. They focus exclusively on cargo bikes, family bikes, and general utility bikes (as well as all the accessories), so they don’t look or operate like a typical bike shop.

Workshop & Customisation

The Flying Dutchman doesn’t do things by halves, and this approach extends to their workshop. Not only are their experienced mechanics Cytech trained, they have also invested in the best tools to do the job. While they have a fantastic range of pre-built bikes, the Flying Dutchman also take pride in having the ability, knowledge, and dedication to help you customise your bike; they’re happy to consult and customise your bike to make it just the way you like it.


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Flying Dutchman

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