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EMU Electric Bikes

‘Roam Free’ is the mantra at Emu Electric Bikes because, like the famous bird, they believe an Emu loves to travel and take you to new places. For instance, how about riding up hills you wouldn’t dream of attempting on a normal bike, or on country rides you may have thought too far. Not only that, your Emu also gives you a feeling of liberation and well-being that is good for the wallet as well as the soul.

Why choose an electric bike?

An Emu electric bike may make sense for you for a variety of reasons, not only financial but also for health and freedom from timetables. With rail tickets and petrol prices continuing to rise, electric bikes are the perfect alternative to these often unpleasant means of transport.

Cycling provides the unique opportunity to combine physical exercise with getting from A to B, perfect for anyone who struggles to fit exercise into a daily routine. It is also highly likely that you will feel a greater sense of mental well-being as welcome side effect of enjoying the great outdoors.

Emu electric bikes are also a greener option than other means of transport, helping to reduce your carbon footprint in a practical way.

Why choose an Emu bike?

For starters, Emu are a very handsome looking e-bike, with the battery subtly incorporated into the frame of the bike. They come in a range of great vibrant colours, giving that modern and fresh feel. The battery will give you a 30 – 80km range depending on which one of the 6 power settings you’re using, and the battery is easily removed to charge indoors.

The bike uses high quality parts with Shimano brakes and gears, a battery utilising Samsung battery cells, Sensamo puncture-resistant tyres, integrated lights powered from the controller, an integrated bell and a comfortable saddle. They’re so confident they offer 2 years warranty and have a partner network of mobile mechanics to help you out should you have any problems.

Demonstration Centres

If you’d like to take a look at these eBikes, and take them for a trial ride, In London Emu have demonstration sites at Lunar Cycles & Bike Bean Cafe. Staff at these locations will be happy to demonstrate the features of the bikes, and introduce you to the joys of roaming free atop an Emu electric bike.

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EMU Electric Bikes

EMU Electric Bikes

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Emu Bikes are sold online, visit their website to find out more.


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