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seat cover for The Pedallers at Dry Patch with a Cyclefox Membership.

Dry Patch

Dry Patch was started by people with first hand knowledge of the challenges faced by commuters on two wheels. They started by asking what they needed to make their commute better, and then built a solution.

The Velo Seat Cover range can fit to any make or model of bike. Designed entirely with the cyclist in mind, the cover is durable, comfortable and safe. Not only that but it looks good too.

Before now, cyclists have been known to be pretty inventive to keep their bottom’s dry on the way to or from work. Crisp packets, plastic bags, shower caps – even swimming hats! They may do the trick to a degree but no one can claim an empty packet of Quavers is a comfy option. Instead, the Velo seat cover offers 100% waterproof solution with an under layer of chamois which soaks up all the moisture. The middle layer is medical grade silicone, creating an impenetrable barrier while you actually sit on the top layer of leather, allowing for form as well as function.

Unlike some other companies, the Dry Patch team have started small with an aim to create all new products as part of a dialogue with their customers and target audience. Their current range can cater to all commuters on 2-wheeled transport, from mopeds to adult scooters, motorbikes and bicycles. However, they aim to create bespoke products  for each situation so that everyone can stay dry and comfortable, no matter what the daily commute throws at you.

We chatted with Chris Gomez, founder of Dry Patch. To find out more about why he does what he does, read his story.


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