Cycletastic Community Project

Josie Warshaw started the Cycletastic project in 2006 as a voluntary community programme managed and supported by local people. The aim is to broaden access to cycling. They do this by helping people to gain the skills to maintain their own rides while also offering a repair facility.

What do they do?

The project has evolved since starting a decade ago, currently providing basic bike maintenance sessions – focusing on educating local people of all ages to maintain their own bikes. There is also a mainstay bike repair facility and assistance to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Where are they?

Being a volunteer-reliant project, Cycletastic are quite fluid with where and how they provide their services. At present they are at the bike shed at Streatley Road. This space was originally installed in April 2010 and operated for a series of summers as an outdoor drop-in bike maintenance facility with a permanent volunteer base. From the shed 100’s of new and regular local cyclists visited to receive a cost effective solution to keep their bikes rolling and essential advice to stay safe on the road and avoid bike theft.

How can I help?

In order to generate revenue to fund the services they provide, Cycletastic gratefully receives donated bicycles, in any condition. The trainees and volunteers at Cycletastic will recondition them so that they can be sold – always with the bonus of learning maintenance skills in the process.


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36-38 Willesden Lane



Opening Hours

Saturdays only 12-6pm from 16th July 2016

Cycle Shed entrance in Streatley Rd


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