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Cyclechic is an online shop bursting with stylish yet practical cycling accessories and gifts for the modern urban cyclist. The wide range of items, from helmets to panniers and clothing caters for him, her and their children. Help is on hand too with reviews, inspiration and advice from their blog.

The idea of Cyclechic came out in 2008, when founder Caz Nicklin struggled to find a bike helmet that matched her style. Lavinia Smith joined in shortly after that and the range of smart and functional items grew from there.

Cyclechic’s mission is to show cycling as a lifestyle that is desirable whilst enabling more to start, especially women. Both Caz and Lavinia are keen cyclists, solo or en famille. The love for the humble bicycle is at the heart of what they do.

We chatted with Lavinia to find out more about why they, along with Caz, do what they do, read their story.

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