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Concerned with the number of collisions between bicycles and motorised vehicles, the good folks at Cycl came up with a nifty product. WingLights are indicators for bicycles, aiming to increase drivers’ awareness of bicycle users. Following the same flashing orange lights visual code to indicate direction, as used by millions of drivers, Cycl hope to reduce the risk of collisions. In particular, at junctions, which is where they most occurred.

Cycl’s Winglights received praises from Peter Jones, one of the most famous residents of TV show Dragons’ Den. “I think the product is exceptional. The quality and the way that you’ve put this together is as good as I have ever seen in a product” said The TV celebrity entrepreneur. Their pitch was rewarded by the ultimate prize: an investment from fellow Dragon, Nick Jenkins.

WingLights are bright LED lights (16 lumens) that clip on either side of the handlebar. These lights are visible night and day. Cycl currently offer two models. The Fixed which you can screw in, and the Mag, which is detachable, thanks to a strong magnet. Both models are shock and water proof with batteries lasting six months. The WingLights Fixed and Mag are compatible with most handlebars whether curve or straight, and only weight 125g.

We chatted with Luca of Cycl to find out more about why they do what they do, read his story.



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