The Chelsea Pedlars

Chelsea Pedlars is a bike polo club, open to everyone from beginners to the seasoned pro. All you need to do is turn up – they will even lend you a bike and a mallet. Or bring your own.

What is Bike Polo?

Bike polo is like the more traditional equine version but with a twist, even being considered by some to be an extreme sport. The Chelsea Pedlars play the original grass version which is gentler than the more recent, urban urban version otherwise known as hard-court polo.  It can be played pretty much anywhere by anyone – all you need is a grass area,  a bike, a mallet and a small ball. A competitive streak doesn’t hurt either.

Is Bike Polo new?

Chelsea Pedlars are following a long line of enthusiasts, with the first game of bike polo having been played Dublin in back in 1891. It fell out of popularity for some time but The Chelsea Pedlars re-activated the sport in the mid-1980s, playing on grass as per the Club’s tradition. There are several teams in England as well as across Europe.

How do I get involved?

Quite simply – show up! Like a lot of sports teams, The Chelsea Pedlars are always looking for more members.  Visitors and potential new members are always welcome to a try free session before deciding if it for them. You can either go along on a Wednesday unannounced or, if you prefer, contact them by email first.

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Pop In...

South Park, off Peterborough Road

Chelsea Pedlars

Opening Hours

Wednesday From 6:30pm

Just pop down to South Park SW6 on Wednesdays
N.B. This is not a postal address and therefore no items will be received if anything is sent there


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