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Cactus Tongue

Cactus Tongues are stylish wall hanging solutions for your bicycle. They have been carefully designed with style and practicality in mind. Whether at the workplace or at home, these compact grips will keep your bicycle safe and out of the way. Not to mention providing the opportunity to display your much loved machine in a prime location.

Passion for the bicycle, its beauty and pure simplicity clearly shines through the creation of this product. There are different colours available to suit your tastes and come in two sizes.  They are suitable for most types of bikes under 20kgs. Your bike can hang from the top tube, handlebars or seatpost.

Cactus Tongues were recently used for the Cycle Revolution exhibition at the Design Museum (London). Plans are to integrate the bicycle further into public space by offering outside Cactus Tongues wall anchors.


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