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Bon Courage Apparel

Born out of a passion for cycling and the desire for well designed cycling clothes, Bon Courage Apparel encapsulate the camaraderie prevalent amongst riders. Based in Devon, the company sells a range of clothing for all, online, including a children’s range. Also available to purchase, are a series of beautiful photographs of the Tour de France and cycling-related posters.

The idea of Bon Courage Apparel, came up to Beth,  the founder, from the frustration that cycling clothes often seem to lack good design or of poor quality.  Coming from a designer world, Beth put her skills to the task combining it with her own experience as a long time rider at various cycling competitive events.

There is a definitive French feel to Bon Courage Apparel as Beth drew her inspiration from her time staying at the family’s cycling training centre in the Pyrennes. The French mountain range is famous amongst cyclists for being particularly challenging, as well as being one of the most eagerly awaited set of stages in the Tour de France.

Bon Courage Apparel want their clothing to match the qualities of those who wear them such as being able to sustain harsh conditions, long-lasting and to take pride in them.

We had a chat with Beth of Bon Courage to find out more about why they do what they do, read her story.


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