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Born out of a collaboration with outdoors specialist Fatsumo Limited, BikeParka bicycle covers give you the protection required without the hassle.

BikeParka covers are made of hard wearing textile and are fully waterproof. They will sustain rain, snow and ice. Highly functional and well designed, BikeParka covers offer a snug fit around your bicycle when deployed. This ensures no gush of wind will blow it away. Once removed, it folds into a tiny bag easily stored away. Thanks to its lightweight and compact size, you can just take it with you wherever you go.

It takes seconds to cover the whole bicycle, you start by tucking it under the front wheel and adjust the fit with the toggle at the top. Covers come in four colours and sizes, ranging from children size bicycles to larger bikes or with child seats.

The company extended their range to BikeParka Packables which include a backpack and a tote bag.



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