What is the bike project?

Each year, 13, 500 asylum seekers arrive in London after fleeing persecution in their own country. Over the same period, 27,500 bicycles are abandoned. Equipping people with a bicycle gives them flexibility to get around, and can help save them £20 a week or £1040 a year in bus fares. Money they can put to much better use as they start their new journey.

How can you help?

You could donate a bike, they rely on these to keep the project running. Although the project is based is in South London, they’ve arranged bike donations points around London. Or how about helping them fix bikes, you can get your sleeves rolled up at their Thursday workshops. If you haven’t got a bike and are short on time or don’t live nearby, consider their sponsorship programme where you can provide ongoing support.

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12 Crossthwaite Avenue

020 7733 8098


The Bike Project

Opening Hours

Tuesday 10am - 5pm
Wednesday 10am - 5pm
Thursday 10am - 8pm
Friday 10am - 5pm

If you're planing on visiting it might be worth calling ahead as sometimes they hold workshops or are away at events.


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