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There is no better way to discover and connect with the city than at a human pace and cycling does that so efficiently. Beryl have been designing and creating intelligent cycling products in London since 2012 to accompany you.

Beryl started as Blaze with the launch of Emily Brooke’s Laserlight. That green laser beam that projects a little bike on the road to alert other road users of an incoming bicycle. They’ve changed name but their passion for putting cycling at the heart of the city remain the same.

On the online shop at Beryl, you can find and purchase laser lights and other versatile sets that will suit any users. From fitted to the bicycle to wearable products, Beryl have a full range of lights including the Burner Brake, a rear light that will lit up when you slow down, communicating to the road user behind you the need to adapt to you braking.

Beryl also work with local authorities, providing a platform that gives insights into bike sharing schemes as well as resources to facilitate pool bike sharing within organisations. This enables employees from the same company to choose a more active travel and a healthier lifestyle. Beryl will be launching their first public bikeshare scheme in Bournemouth & Poole later this year.




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