European Rides with Beespoke Tours

Beespoke Tours give you the opportunity to feel exhilarated by cycling yourself to another country. A brilliant way to unwind and reconnect with the world. Their carefully crafted tours have been developed with a unique approach combining pleasure with sustainability.

Your trip with will not just be healthy and safe but will feature cool & boutique accommodation and delicious local food. Adventurous enough to be rewarding for you, the trips are in small groups and are fully supported with a tour leader and back-up vehicle for your luggage.

Tour Options

Beespoke Tours offer three different destinations: Amsterdam, Paris and Bruges. All start in London and last between 3 and 4 days. Each tour offers the best of the country you are visiting with the reassurance of an experienced guide and safe routes. Departure dates vary so get in touch to find out more

Sustainability is Key

The guys at Beespoke Tours want to provide you with all the opportunities of international travel while keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum. Removing the flights from your trip will dramatically decrease the negative impact of your holiday on the environment whilst helping you to stay fit and reconnect with the world around you.


Opening Hours

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Tours run throughout the year. For availability and departure dates get in touch via the contact information above.


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