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Are you the type to study a map intensively before setting off to an unknown destination? Or perhaps rely on one of your friends to help you get there? Or even ask for help on a forum prior to departing? We all appreciate the incredible help google maps and other route planners have to offer us these days but realistically, this prep work does rather take the fun out of the journey, doesn’t it?

The clever people at Beeline thought so too. Founders Tom Putnam and Mark Jenner recognised that there is not a single answer to the question of how to get from A to B. They invented a new navigation device that enables you to pick your own path. Beeline is a smart compass for your bike that strips navigation back to basics by simply showing you the direction to your destination and the distance to go. Tom says: “This style of navigation brings adventure and exploration back to bike rides, whilst providing a steady steer on direction”.

Beeline is powered by the Beeline app (available for both iOS and Android users) which connects to the device using bluetooth. You enter your final destination in the app, as well as any waypoints you’d like to go through on the way. Once the app has that information, strap the device on your handlebars, put the phone away and enjoy the ride! The arrow and distance counter will guide you to your destination. Thanks to the crisp screen display which is backlit for night rides, cyclists can see the arrow in all light conditions. Once charged via USB, Beeline gives you four weeks of regular use. Colours currently available are: Charcoal grey, Hot Coal red and Petrol Blue.

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