Struggling to find time for your cycling training while keeping up with work obligations? The Athlete Lab London is the place to go. Experience real road cycling conditions in London’s first indoor training facility on real bikes.

The Athlete Lab London opened in 2014 following the successful new concept coming from Asia-Pacific where keen amateur triathletes Neil Franks and Michael Flynn found a better way to fit training into their busy professional lives. The idea is to offer a facility that would provide the opportunity to train indoor on real bikes, in a safe environment in one convenient location regardless of the weather.

What’s on Offer?

The lab offers high quality cycling training in a data-rich environment with experienced coaches who will devise a personalised training programme adapted to all levels. Whether you are a complete beginner or an athlete competing at a national level, you’ll find a suitable session. The offering includes cycling and triathlon training, one-to-one or in group, using a proprietary training protocol. Details of all membership packages are available on their website. Training in the lab will focus on the following areas: Functional strength, real gears, road bike position, track progress and real time training data. The lab uses Adjustabikes, which are real road bikes, as opposed to spin bikes. They are fitted with proper gears and crank sets and will replicate the feeling of cycling on real roads.

Is this for me?

Depending on your goals and planned events, the lab’s team has come up with a guide to help you choose the best training session specific to your needs. Furthermore, the lab also offers Functional Threshold Power (FTP) tests to mark and measure your improvements.

You can book sessions online directly from the website with a schedule updated daily. Or why not find out more and experience the Lab for yourself with The Grand Tour.

Opening Hours

Monday 6:30am-9pm
Tuesday 6:30am-9pm
Wednesday 6:30am-9pm
Thursday 6:30am-9pm
Friday 6:30am-8pm
Saturday 8:30am-1pm

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