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Ascent Cycle Insurance by Worry and Peace

Ascent cycle insurance comes with a range of cover benefits designed for all types of riders. Created by expert underwriters, it also comes with a package of next-generation tools to help you manage and understand what you’re buying.

Theft Cover

No matter what responsible steps you take, thieves still regularly target bikes.  In order to be covered, you will need to make sure you meed their security requirements. To make sure, get in touch with Worry and Peace, the company behind Ascent, for more details.

Accidental Damage Cover

It isn’t possible to control everything so accidents can and do happen. The accidental damage cover will make sure that no matter what happens, any damage can be repaired.

Public Liability Cover

Despite everyone’s best efforts, sometimes other people can be effected by other’s actions. Liability is the strand of cover that protects against so-called “civil wrongs”. They are so broad and numerous that an entire class of insurance was made to cover them. This policy benefit provides high-value cover for many scenarios.

Other Benefits and Types of Cover

Ascent have tried to cover every possibility so no matter what happens, you feel secure. This includes a mobile app and European Cover. An annual discount is on offer if you choose to renew from their specialist insurers. And don’t worry, if you are sportive or event rider, they can cover you for that too.

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