Tim Hoyle from Kitnetik shares with us what inspired him to create the ultimate accessory that keeps all your gear in one place.


What’s the best idea you’ve had on your bike?

I used to spend a lot of time on my bike, wondering why it took me so long to find my gloves, jersey, legwarmers etc… in the morning rush to get out the door and onto my bike. I live in a tidy house, which means my cycling kit gets dried and put away, only not always where I can find it. So I came up with the Kitnetik.

The idea was to have one place where I could dry my wet kit and rain soaked shoes, then move the whole lot to the wardrobe keeping it all together. It looks neater when drying (not cluttering up the whole house), and I know where everything is. It’s all ready to go, first thing in the morning. That was my idea, a product designed for my life, a passionate weekend cyclist and daily cycle commuter who’s married to a runner.

Tell us about what your business does?

The Kitnetik dries, stores and organises sports kit. Powerful magnets mount it to radiators to dry everything. Perfect for drying rain soaked commuting kit at home or in the workplace.

Once dry the whole lot can be picked up as one and stored away at home or moved to the changing room ready to ride home.

Why do you do this?

I designed a product for my household, to solve a problem we were having. My wife runs marathons and I cycle a lot. Our house had sports kit strewn all over the radiators, hanging off door knobs and over dining chairs drying out, and we would have arguments about missing bits of kit. With the Kitnetik, we’ve got our house back, our kit dry and arguments about lost kit have stopped.

How long has this business been running for?

We launched the product on Kickstarter back in November 2017, making a small batch and shipped to the backers before Christmas.

What bit of advice would you give to your younger self?

Take your time, and don’t fall for any marketing scams whilst doing Kickstarter projects.


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