Comet: “my best idea was deciding to be the change I want so see”

What is your name?

Comet Chukura, founder of Glow.

What’s the best idea you’ve had on your bike?

I’ve spent a lot of time lamenting over the poor dress choices cyclists make whilst riding my bike around London. I guess my best idea was deciding to ‘be the change I want so see’.. And making a range that would fit the need.

Tell us about what your business does?

At GLOW we make light reflective knitwear accessories, hand crocheted by vulnerable ladies in East London.

Why do you do this?

As a commuter cyclist myself I developed the range to meet the needs of those like me who didn’t like lycra or performance wear, yet wanted to be safe and seen at night.

I wanted to develop a range that was fashionable and functional for stylish cyclists, a range that was interchangeable and looked normal in the day, but was light reflective at night. I wanted to develop a range that fitted into my daytime look and didn’t require a change of clothes when I got on my bike. Accessories seemed like a great place to start.

I also wanted to support the local community, as I hate the consumerism that plagues society and the lack of love for our community, so enlisting local, vulnerable women to crochet the pieces in the collection was a no brainer.

How long has this project been running for?

Four months

What bit of advice would you give to your younger self?

Start earlier..! Don’t wait till the perfect moment to launch. It’s a working progress and if you wait till it’s ‘Perfect’ and you’ve seemingly got all your ducks in a row you may have missed out on capturing your audience. Launch first, tweak later.

Anything else?

A time to GLOW coming up on Friday 10th February. This evening will be our (un)official launch party, it will be a chance to meet some of our makers in an evening of music, workshops and gin..! The night will begin with a free goodie bag on arrival, crochet workshops, cycling workshops throughout the evening and a live DJ to entertain. More information here.

Glow| | @glowandsee | @glowandsee

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