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Get your favourite places listed

CycleFox continues to grow and it’s exciting to see more partners joining us and members getting ever greater value.

But we want to reach more communities. More importantly, we want to sniff out all those great (often small) independent businesses and projects, working away in nooks and crannies across London.

That’s why we’ve launched our founding members programme

If you successfully encourage your local cycling business / start-up / project to get listed on CycleFox, we’ll give you FREE CycleFox membership for life.

We’ll also add you to our founding members wall (if you’d like).

Check out our partners get listed page to find out more about the benefits of getting listed on CycleFox. You can then use this info to help explain more about us.

FREE Lifelong Membership

To become a founding member, we then need to receive an online application direct from the business / start-up / project, and the owner needs to add your name and e-mail as the person who introduced them to CycleFox.

If as a result of their application they get listed on the site, we’ll get in touch with you and get you signed up to our FREE membership for life Founding Members programme.

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