Our Story

We believe the bicycle has a big role to play in building happier, more vibrant and connected communities. We want to help build a future where everyone, whether they’re young or old, little or large, can cycle comfortably and confidently around the place that they live.

So this is our manifesto:

Web Manifesto 2-3

What motivates us...


We're here to help build stronger communities. Connecting people locally and inspiring more pedal power is how we do it.


By working together with others who share our mission we'll maximise our impact. Collaboration is at the heart of what we do.

Free Range

We champion independent & entrepreneurial folk over the big corporate guys. Free range purposeful business is where we're at.

Who are we…

Happy_community 2We’re a small team, passionate about helping support more people cycling. We’re not technical, we don’t race and we cycle in our normal everyday clothes.

We also love London. We love its quirkiness. We love its spirit. We love exploring it on our bicycles. We want to help make it a better, happier place to live.

If you want to know more about us, maybe even join our team, say hello@cyclefox.com



I know that more cycling in our towns and cities can help make happier places to live. I make slow progress around North London on my trusty old Dutch bike. I started CycleFox in 2014 and continue to explore how we can make a positive impact across London.


Content Creator

I am the point of contact for our partners and together we create pages of useful content with fantastic offers for our members. If you wish to get listed, do get in touch! I love getting around and transporting my family by cargo bike - riding with my children turns boring chores like a grocery run into an adventure. And obviously my other bike is a bike.


Community Chief

I’m here to spread the word about how CycleFox can help strengthen a cycling culture in London. You'll find me behind our social media posts, so if you want to chat back, leave a comment and we'll talk! I’m into all things cycling, and am usually pootling around town or off road doing something a little more adventurous. I also blog at Rebel Girl Rides.


Strategy Maker

I'm trying to build a culture of more nap times & biscuit breaks. I've been around bikes all my life, from riding in the basket on the Brompton to running alongside through the park. Much prefer bicycles than the car. Cars make me feel queezy and I tend to dribble.


Partner Builder

I spend my CycleFox time out and about, visiting bikes shops and cafes building more great new relationships. If you want a visit shout. I love making my way around London by bike.

Our Journeys

Our journeys are often shorter than you think. How long would your journey be? How about joining us on ours?



Want to be happier?

Join our community and together we’ll make happier places to live.