At CycleFox, we are very lucky to work with some wonderful independent businesses who create, love and sell amazing products. If you are looking for inspiration for a special gift for that special cycling person in your life, here’s a head start. Thank you for supporting independent retailers and businesses this Christmas.

Image: Naomi Davies Art

For the bicycle

Carrying tools when cycling around is useful however, it’s not always practical. The MODUAL by Altum is an award winning 14 function bicycle multi-tool with an innovative design that will adapt to your needs. It comes with its own elegant pouch. 15% off for CycleFox members.

Altum Designs | A CycleFox Partner

Altum’s MODUAL tool

Cycling in urban areas usually means a limited space to protect a bicycle from severe whether. Bike Parka is a water proof and resistant cover that will keep your bicycle snuggly tucked away from the rain or snow. The toggle system makes it very easy to fit and secure. 15% off CycleFox members.

BikeParka | A CycleFox Partner

Bike Parka

Lights on a bicycle are a must at night or during the winter months when darkness settles early. Cycl have come up with Winglights. the equivalent of indicators on a car. Those lights fit on most handle bars and are triggered by a quick tap. They are battery operated are bright LED lights. 15% off for CycleFox members.

Winglights by CYCL

Cycling is probably one of the most reliable modes of transportation. However, just like everything else, some care needs to be put in to maintain bicycles in good order. Why not gifting a general service to someone? Honor Cycles are a mobile mechanic company that will come to collect, repair and return your bicycle at your convenience. 10% off for CycleFox members.

Honor Cycles | A CycleFox Partner

Honor Cycles

A bike for Christmas is not just for kids! Freddie Grubb are London-based artisan bicycle makers. With their Gift Box, the recipient can receive a hand-built bike made to order, a beautifully presented copper bell and an illustrated gift card. Fredie Grubb proud themselves in high quality craftsmanship inspired by classic designs. Membership Package for CycleFox members.

Freddie Grubb accessories | CycleFox

Freddie Grubb

For the person cycling

From accessories to clothing, there are a profusion of items that would make wonderful and thoughtful gifts.

Although you do rarely get cold when cycling, stepping out of the door on a winter morning to saddle up is always a bit of a challenge. Glow have a range of hand-made knitwear with reflective threads woven in. Hats, mittens and snoods, these will keep your loved on snug and warm. They also have added a children’s range. 10% off for CycleFox members.

Glow | A CycleFox partner


If you are  looking for a gift to suit the more performance orientated cyclist in your life, Shutt Velo Rapide will have what you need. Their range of cycling garments use modern fabrics and clever technology whilst staying faithful to the core values of craftsmanship. You’ll find there bibs, base layers and jerseys and more for an optimised ride. 15% off for CycleFox members.

Shutt Velo Rapide | A CycleFox Partner

Shutt Velo Rapide Jersey

Cool design and high quality are the driving forces behind Bon Courage Apparel. The range includes accessories, clothing and other cycling-related items such as beautiful photographs and posters of the Tour de France. These would make a perfect gifts for someone who knows his Merckx from his Wiggins. 20% off for Cycling members.

Bon Courage Apparel | A CycleFox Partner

Tour de France Poster

Perfect gift for design-conscious riders. Carrying stuff on a standard cycle may prove challenging at times, so here come Vel-Oh with some lovely looking couture bags. Sober yet elegant these bags would appeal to any modern urban person cycling regularly. Practical with external accessible pockets and weather resistant. 15% off for CycleFox members.


In London, we are lucky to have a shared cycle hiring schemes. If you are looking for a present for someone who use this often, BikeShare Bags would suit perfectly their lifestyle. These are hard wearing and weather-resistant tote custom made bags that fit perfectly with the front racks of the existing scheme. 15% off for CycleFox members.

Bikeshare Bags | A CycleFox Partner

BikeShare Bags

A maintenance training course from Outspoken Cycles would be an excellent gift for someone who cycles already but looking to broaden their know how. And quite symbolic too as there is no risk that extra knowledge ends up as litter. 10% off for CycleFox members.

Outspoken Cycles

Off the saddle

Cycling can take you to work or the shops but also on wonderful adventures. For those wanting to record these, this Cycling Travel Journal will offer the opportunity to do so. The functional design of the journal will assist in writing this all important story of your very own journey. 10% off for CycleFox members.

Cycling Travel Journal | A CycleFox Partner

Cycling Travel Journal

The outdoors in all weathers can have some unsightly messy consequences as you know if you share your life with someone who cycle or run regularly. Kitnetik came up with a solution with an innovative hanger designed to accommodate kits then sticks to a radiator with a strong magnet. All in one place, ready to be stored away once dry. 12.5% off for CycleFox members.

Kitnetik | A CycleFox Partner



Bicycle-inspired art also makes a great present. Cambridge-based artist Naomi Davies has created a wonderful pen lines and vibrant watercolour of art pieces that capture her beloved city so well. There’s also a Christmas collection. Find out more by visiting Naomi Davies Art.

Naomi Davies Art | CycleFox Partner

Naomi Davies Art

Quality time is priceless so why not gift your time to someone special this Christmas? The Attendant offer a place where enjoying a cup of coffee is a meaningful experience. With three premises in central London to choose from, make someone’s day with a brunch, lunch, a coffee and your full attention. 10% off for CycleFox members.

The Attendant | A CycleFox Partner

The Attendant

We hope to have successfully convinced you to support local independent shops and businesses. Each one of them and each one of you is an important part of the community. Merry Christmas!

At CycleFox we believe the bicycle has a big role to play in building happier, more vibrant and connected communities. Our mission is to help more people enjoy the fun and freedom of cycling.

Join our community and help make happier places to live – our membership card will give you discounts on a range of cycling stuff.

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