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At this time of the year you can expect some rain, maybe even a lot of it, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to put away your bike until spring. Whether you cycle for fun at the weekend, or use your bike to commute every day, if you make a few simple adjustments, wet weather doesn’t have to put a dampener on your cycling.

Invest in some waterproof gear

Cycling in the rain without the right clothing is a real pain; within minutes you’re soaked through and chilled to the bone. By investing in a waterproof jacket (preferably one which has a high vis feature) and some trousers, you can stay dry and ride in comfort. Modern waterproof clothing is light, easy to pack away, and is designed to keep you dry on the outside while not overheating. You can find some great waterproof gear on CycleFox, including the Peoples Poncho and Dry Patch stuff to keep your bum dry.

Check those brakes!

Cycling on wet roads, especially city roads that tend to be greasier anyway, can be tricky, so make sure your brakes are working properly. If your brake blocks are worn you risk losing control on wet surfaces, so replace them if necessary. Remember to feather the brakes by applying light pressure when cycling downhill, or approaching traffic lights. Our guide to your weekly bike check might help.

Minimise spray

Depending on the type of bike you ride, you may think mudguards are a bit old school, but they definitely come into their own in wet weather. Lightweight and easy to fit, mudguards will protect you from spray and other muck getting on your clothes – and you can always remove them again in spring!

Waterproof bags

Waterproof panniers are ideal for keeping your stuff dry, especially if you commute and need to take books, laptop, or your lunch with you. One bag is enough unless you’re planning on a longer trip, in which case two bags will help balance out the load. Make sure the bags are easy to clip on and off, for convenience.

Allow more time

Cycling in the rain, especially in traffic, calls for extra vigilance on your part and taking things a bit easier. Allow a few more minutes to get from A to B in the rain, even if it means having to get up earlier!

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