The joys of cycling in London

Hello sunshine! You’ve been missed our old friend! What better way to embrace the blue skies to celebrate seasons new than to cram yourself into the armpit of a stranger in the vast tunnels in the depths below the city. Yeah, thought not. Imagine a mode of transport where you didn’t have to rely on a miserable overpaid driver and the perils of being held at the red signal. Where you had the complete autonomy to get from A to B without paying a penny. Wait! That method already exists you say? It was first designed 200 years ago? How can this be! Our two wheeled friend. The trusty, ever evolving bicycle. What you never knew you were missing in London. Here’s the top 3 reasons why:

SPEED | London is one hell of a big place; getting from East to West or North to South is nothing other than time consuming. We don’t have that time. We are just SO busy. Imagine being able to combine keeping fit with the getting from A to B part. Enter exhibit A. Our trusty two wheeled friend! Put your desired destination into Citymapper and the fastest route is inevitably always by bike. Saving that 15 minute walk to the tube station or the century you have to wait for the next bus is a dream come true. Imagine making your whole journey in that time!
Think what you could do with all those extra 15 minute windows. If you save them all up for a week you have a whole episode of a Netflix show. Or a yoga class or a lecture on a subject of interest. You get the gist; bikes save time as well as bringing you joy.

MONEY | Cash strapped. With rents in our city at all time high it’s undeniable this is what the majority of us are (if we are trying to have some semblance of a social life or add more than 50p a month to our savings account). An annual zone 1-2 travel card is now £1,320 which is a significant chunk of our stagnant salaries. Maybe it doesn’t sound like such a huge amount but when you think that’s more than an extra £100 a month it seems a little more significant. Lunch out everyday or a fancy new cycling jacket, or a weekend away. Dreaming about this extra cash is reason in itself to entice me to use my own wheels!

FREEDOM | It’s something we think we have in abundance. Alas, being at the ransom of traffic jams and unexplained hang outs in underground tunnels and driver changes and no shows. Is that true freedom? Being completely autonomous for your own movements and exploring some of the incredible cycle routes across the city, that’s freedom like you never felt. Freewheeling down the hills in Richmond Park or past the Serpentine in Hyde Park is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Try it, I dare you.

Read more about the major cycling routes in and around the city.

Better infrastructure

Cycling in London hasn’t had the best PR to date. What with the extremity of the black cabbies’ hating and the perceived danger factor. However, voyages being made in the city are at an all time high with 23 million journeys a year being made by Londoners on their bikes. Also, thanks to Boris’ Cycle Superhighway legacy (seems he was good for something at least) serious injury and death by cycling is at the lowest since records began (TFL). The Police’s dedication to making the roads safer for cyclists also hasn’t gone unnoticed. As part of Operation Safeway they are often present at key junctions across the capital keeping an eye on drivers and cyclists road etiquette. They
also offer free training on how to be as safe as possible on the road. This is music to the ears of anyone considering jumping on their bike in London for the first time. There has never been a safer time to cycle in the city and improvements for even better infrastructure are continual. So what are you waiting for?! Need tips to get you started?

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