We believe the bicycle has a big role to play in building happier, more vibrant and connected communities. You often hear how cycling directly enhances people’s lives. Let’s look how it can also be a mean to a greater good, how it helps communities to become stronger and builds a sense of belonging.

By Sylvia Gauthereau – Photo credit: Walimai OverBelling (120/365) via photopin (license)

Bike Stormz

One of the most active forms of protest to come out in the recent years. Founded in 2014 by three friends, Jake, Kizzy and Mac, Bike Stormz in the UK organise flash mass ride outs on push bikes, across the streets of London. The rides provide a channel for young kids who feel disenfranchised to express themselves and share a sense of camaraderie around something they love to do: ride their bikes. And what skills those kids have! One of the largest turn outs was during a Bike Stormz organised to protest against gun crimes in London. Yes it isn’t without risks, life isn’t, but I bet you’ve noticed them now, haven’t you?

East Side Riders BC

Based in South Central, Los Angeles, this bicycle club helps children in the local community to stay away from troubles. By providing opportunities to learn how to ride, fix bikes and enjoy each other’s company, it empowers them to make the right choices. This club is ran entirely on a voluntary basis without much of a budget. They also work with the local authorities to improve conditions and provision for safe cycling facilities. This bike club is “more than just yourself”.

Rebuilding A Damaged Community Through Biking

The East Side Riders BC are providing opportunities to vulnerable kids in South Central Los Angeles by steering them in a new direction.

Posted by Road Trip: Listen To America on Friday, 11 May 2018

The Bike Project

This is a London-based project that fixes unwanted bicycles and donate them to asylum seekers and refugees. When claiming asylum or starting off a new life as a refugee in an unfamiliar city, a bicycle is invaluable. Going to appointments, accessing support or going to job interviews require transport, transport is expensive in London. This is where Bike Project come in. They hold regular mechanic workshops where you can learn new skills and help matching refugees with a bike and bike buddy in their area.

Cycling Without Age

Ending the isolation of elderly people and offering a chance to get out there in an active way, is the dream of Ole Kassow who founded Cycling Without Age in Denmark in 2012. The principle is simple: volunteers offer free rides to care home residents on cargo bikes. This stimulates cross-generation social interactions and leads to people reconnecting to their local environment. Cycling Without Age has now spread all over Denmark, and since 2015 to around 38 countries around the world.

Cycle of Good

Even if you don’t cycle yourself, cycling has still a lot to give. Cycle of Good upcycle inner tubes by offering the opportunity to train people in Malawi to the art of Tailoring and Designing. Donated old inner tubes are then transformed into accessories purchased back and sold in the UK. Workers are paid above the national living wage and enjoy full employment rights such as paid holiday and pensions. Cycle of Good also work in partnership with HM Prisons across the Midlands where offenders are offered the opportunity to develop their employment skills by refurbishing Elephant Bikes, the former postal bikes who have been decommissioned.

At CycleFox we believe the bicycle has a big role to play in building happier, more vibrant and connected communities. Our mission is to help more people enjoy the fun and freedom of cycling.

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