CycleFox Christmas Market

CycleFox are hosting their first ever Christmas Market on Sunday 10th December 2017 at The Canvas Cafe & Creative Venue in Brick Lane. The market will be open for business from 1pm – 6pm.

At CycleFox we’re dreaming of a future where communities work together to make things better. Where ideas are exchanged and discussed, problems are halved and solutions are found through collaboration. We are absolutely delighted to be able to announce CycleFox’s very first Christmas Market. The idea came from Clare Mason, one of our partners, The Cycling Travel Journal. There couldn’t be better proof that when great minds come together, great things happen.

The lovely Canvas Cafe is a perfect match. Its manager, Francine, believes “there is a big need in our world for caring, compassion and space for ideas to grow, both within ourselves as individuals and together as a species.” So, what will it be about, I hear you ask. Well, it would be an opportunity for you to get a head start (or last minute rush, depending on who you are) and find the perfect gift for that special person in your life. There will be plenty to choose from the selection our partners will exhibit.  Do join us and meet some of the hottest start-up cycling brands around, including:

Cycling Travel Journal

Cycling Travel Journal

As we approach a new year, our thoughts are often drawn to start afresh. The Cycling Travel  Journal is a great gift to those wanting to start recording their cycling adventures and lay down special memories or simply plan routes. The journal is environmentally friendly, made from 100% recycled materials and printed in London.

Dry Patch

A great cycling gift for the cold sensitive. Put a stop to cold – and wet – posteriors thanks to Dry Patch and their Velo Seat Cover range. These products have a beautiful finish and fit any bicycle models. This is a perfect solution as well as a great unisex cycling present. The Velo Seat Cover offers 100% waterproof solution with an under layer of chamois which soaks up all the moisture.


A pair of gloves or a scarf are always good gifts for people riding bicycles but when they are from Glow, this is something else! The snoodies, leg warmers, gloves and scarves are hand crocheted garments using a wool that has been intertwined with fibreglass yarns.  The result is a breathable, reflective and soft knitwear that would suit the fashion-conscious to the practical rider.


An innovative take on bicycle lights by CYCL. These would provide a thoughtful gift to anyone riding a bicycle during the day or at night. Winglights are bright LED lights that clip on either side of the handlebar and flashes like indicators. Shock and water proof, these lights are battery-powered, but don’t worry, all WingLights come with batteries already included (6 months worth of use).

Bike Nicks

Bike Nicks

Cycling accessories finding their way under the tree often focus on the bicycle itself. Here come Bike Nicks who have a range of cycling underwear for the special cycling lady in your life.  No compromise on comfort or style with this padded lingerie range.

Ride With Wolves

Ride With Wolves | A CycleFox Partner

If better visibility is sought, move away from that boring yellow and plunge into a this innovative and reflective clothing. Ride With Wolves offer a range of reflective garments that are ethical and playful. From beanies to back patches, bags and snoodies, you are bound to find something that will lit up someone’s face on Christmas morning.

LID Helmets

LID Helmets | A CycleFox Partner

These are no ordinary helmets. Thanks a sober style and practical folding feature, the Plico from LID helmet would be a great present to buy someone who commutes regularly. Get rid of the inconvenience of carrying a helmet all day long at work.  There are some great colours available, they fit into bags and are made of strong recycled materials.

We hope to see you then! And remember, one of the *many* perks of CycleFox membership, is a wide range of discounts from our fantastic partners!

You can let us know if you’re coming over on our Facebook page.

At CycleFox we believe the bicycle has a big role to play in building happier, more vibrant and connected communities. Our mission is to help more people enjoy the fun and freedom of cycling.

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